Riga, October 24, 2014

Camp history

DrupalCamp Baltics 2013

Place: "Hotel Euroopa", Paadi 5, Tallinn
Date: 23.08.2013.; 9.00 – 18.00
Participants: 150
Sessions: 17 sessions and 2 Open Space discussions
Sponsors: Exove, Wunderkraut, Druid, Mekaia, Fenomen, Zone.ee, Acquia, Bisnode
DrupalCamp Baltics 2013 topics were:
  • Keynote by Joonas Kiminki
  • The past and present of CMS-s/ René Lasseron
  • Compile your theme/ Ragnar Kurm
  • Drupal for beginners/ Ivo Nellis
  • Introducing user-centered design in a 100 000+ employees corporation - research and learning/ Marek Sotak
  • Auditing Drupal sites/ Kalle Varisvirta
  • Managing taxonomies with Taxonomy Tools/ Mārtiņš Bērtiņš
  • Drupal & Startups/ Martin Sookael
  • Configuration management in Drupal 8/ Kristof De Jaeger
  • The Secret Recipe for creating vendor lock-in/ Joonas Kiminki, Ilari Mäkelä
  • Drupal 8 and Twig/ Arto Iijalainen
  • An anatomy of a Drupal project timeline/ Ardi Hundt
  • Accessibility in Drupal/ Eero Janson
  • You can't spell display mode without Display Suite/ Reigo Kinusar
  • Jatkoaika - Building sports website using Drupal/ Jan Chojnacki
  • Life beyond Drupal/ Kristjan Jansen
  • Quick intro to Drupal Commerce Kickstart/ Kaido Toomingas

Photos are available here

DrupalCamp Baltics 2012

Place: "Monika Centrum Hotels", Elizabetes 21, Riga
Date: 5.10.2012; 9.00 – 18.00
Participants: 102
Countries: Latvia, United Kingdom, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, France, Poland, Canada
Sessions: 11 sessions and Open Space discussion (12 groups)
Sponsors: Fenomen, Mekaia, Dev Cloud, SigmaNet, Microsoft, Wunderkraut
DrupalCamp Baltics 2012 topics were:
  • What existing tools are commonly used in Drupal projects?/ Jānis Bebrītis, James 
  • Redefining: The Mind Shift at Microsoft on OSS & Community/ Ryszard Dalkowski 
  • Drupal 8/ Kristjan Jansen 
  • Under the hood of an online newspaper/ Pauli Huhtiniemi, Joonas Kiminki 
  • Case study of Latvia.eu/ Ēvalds Urtāns, Krišjānis Jukumsons-Jukumnieks 
  • Case study. Migrating the public website of University of Tartu to Drupal 7/René 
  • Introduction to Responsive Web Design: a Drupal approach based on case studies/ 
    Stephane Vial 
  • Drupal - it all comes down to performance/Jānis Janovskis 
  • Developing realtime apps with Drupal and NodeJS/ Ivo Nellis 
  • Highly customized knowledge base (intranet) and employee support solution with 
    Drupal/ Normunds Lauva, Mārtiņš Bērtiņš, Ernests Gabrāns
  • Community Tools/ Henri Laupmaa 

Photos are available here

DrupalCamp Baltics 2011

Place: "Tallink Hotel Riga", Elizabetes 24, Riga
Date: 7.10.2011; 9.00 – 17.00
Participants: 87 
Countries: Latvia, United Kingdom, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, France, Slovenia
Sessions: 9 session and 2 BoF sessions
Sponsors: Mearra Latvia,  Accenture, Acquia, IDynamic, SigmaNet
DrupalCamp Baltics 2011 topics were:
  • Advanced site building for not so advanced site builders/ Henrijs Šešo
  • Drupal ingredients and recipes/ Janez Urevc
  • To Drupal 7 and Beyond/ Kristjan Jansen
  • Finding your place in the Drupal Community/ Adam Hill
  • Joomla! vs Drupal/ Normunds Puzo
  • Agile collaboration best practices – a Drupal love story/ Joonas Kiminki
  • Using Drupal 7 entities/ Tomi Mikola
  • How to build a mobile website with Drupal?/ Stephane Vial
  • Media derivatives: take control over your files/ Janez Urevc

Photos are available here

DrupalCamp Baltics 2010

Place: "SSE Riga", Strēlnieku 4a, Riga
Date: 25.9.2010.
Participants: 69
Countries: Latvia, United Kingdom, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Belgium, Ukraine, USA, Canada
Sessions: 10 session and 4 BoF sessions
Sponsors: Mearra Latvia,  Accenture, SigmaNet
DrupalCamp Baltics 2010 topics were:
  • Starting with Drupal: Installation, building with CCK&Views/ James Nesbitt
  • Drupal process: great projects, no slavery required/ Vesa Palmu
  • Practical use of Asterisk PBX and integration with Drupal site/ Kaspars Urbāns
  • Mapping with Drupal/ Artis Bajārs
  • Short history of Drupal/ Kristjan Jansen
  • What can Drupal do for your online media?/ Joonas Kiminki
  • From a html/css template to a Drupal theme/ Hans Rossel 
  • Drupal module development/ Domas Monkus
  • Advanced Ajax with less JavaScript/ Miķelis Zaļais
  • Building multilingual sites/ Evgeniy Kurko